A short report on the important activities of the International Lymphoedema Framework Japan in 2017

Important activities in 2017 include: organizing the annual conference, publishing the open access journal “Lymphoedema Research and Practice”, and renewing the website (

Professor Junko Sugama from Kanazawa University, a member of the board of directors of ILF Japan, organized the 7th annual conference from the 14th to the 15th of October 2017 in Kanazawa City. The key theme of the conference was “Progress of Nursing Science by Multidisciplinary Innovation,” and was held in conjunction with two other domestic scientific and practical conferences: the 5th Annual Meeting of The Society for Nursing Science and Engineering, and the 11th Annual Meeting of the Society of Nursing Practice. During the conference, Professor Christine Moffatt provided a special lecture entitled “Development of New Global Partnerships through the LIMPRINT study,” and Professor Isabelle Quere supervised young Japanese researchers to progress the study of oedema. In this conference, 150 free papers were presented and discussed.

Secondly, ILF Japan has been publishing original articles and review articles in our open access journal. It covers all aspects of prevention and treatment of chronic oedema. Two research articles and two contributing papers are published in the current issue (vol. 5. no.1;

Last year, Japanese members attended the ILF conference in Syracuse, Sicily to present our recent activities regarding technology-based skin and wound assessment by Professor Hiromi Sanada and Dr. Gojiro Nakagami from the University of Tokyo. Professor Junko Sugama and Dr. Misako Dai from Kanazawa University reported the prevalence study of oedema in Japan, and they were awarded for their significant contribution to the LIMPRINT project. ILF Japan is doing great work to move lymphoedema management forward!

8th International Lymphoedema Framework ConferenceでのWork shop開催とILFJ広報活動


"Comprehensive approach for assessing chronic oedema" と題して、ILFJでwork shopを開催いたしました。

ILFJのフライヤーを作成し、広報活動をしてまいりました。特に、会誌”LYMPHOEDEMA RESEARCH AND PRACTICE”の原稿募集について、ILF Newsにも取り上げていただきました。